At first glance it might seem that I am just a happy, normal girl who loves to bake and walk her dog. However, I have suffered with an eating disorder since I was 13. It was only in May 2014 when I realised that this Voice in my head was slowly but surely trying to kill me. And so began the long, hard, and painful journey which is recovery...

I want My Cocoa Stained Apron to be a special place...a place for reflection, memories, shared stories...and of course a little bit of cocoa-staining ;) Recovery might be the hardest thing you ever choose to do in this life. But it is also the bravest and best decision you will ever make.:)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Get to Know me A - Z !! :)

My dear friend and fellow blogger Izzy <3 ( Click HERE to see her blog! ;) ) answered a load of get-to-know-me type questions on her blog A Life Without Anorexia... So I thought I would join in this fun challenege so that maybe you will get to know me a bit better. That me being Emmy, the Emmy outside of her eating disorder and the walls of the hospital.

Get to know me A - Z :)

 A Attached or single? Single...I've never been in a relationship :( I've had a good few crushes, of course, but they never really noticed me I don't think, or knew how crazy I was about them... ;)

B Best friend? This is a very difficult question...I don't really think I have a best best friend. Let's just say there are a few people in my life that I think of as my best friends...and they are scattered all over the place. But I honestly couldn't select any particular one. I love them all so so much, even though they are all so different, so special in their own unique way. <3

C Cake or pie? Hmm another tricky question...I have always been more of a biccie/chocolate girl than cake and pies and such like. I love baking cakes more than eating them, haha. I think though if I had to choose it would be pie...I absolutely love apple pie, rhubarb pie, bakewell tart...and Mud Pie of course is simply irresistable (check out my own recipe HERE ! ;) ) and all the rest. But then again, I have a BIG weakness for bisuit cake (especially in molten form... ;) , so this really is such a hard question for me the answer!! ;)

D Day of Choice? I think it would have to be Friday...I always get so excited on Friday, at the thought of a lovely weekeend ahead of me, and the actual act of travelling back and getting home is so wonderful in itself. <3 Even efore I went into hispital, Fridays were always special for me, as it was the day Mam was off work and we would always spend the day together, just me and her. <3

E Essential Item? Hmmmm....probably my laptop...? Espevially, now that I blog. I have a little duck called Ducky who is one of my most valuable posessions -  she was given to me by mam and Dad when I was only a few weeks old - but I don't like referring to Ducky as an item ! ;)

F Favourite colour? cobalt bblue or primrose yellow :)

G Gummy bears or worms? gummy bears! :)

H Hometown? Deal, a little seaside town in Kent, in South-East England :)

I Indulgence? Awww...maybe a really long, hot shower. And also. A great big hot choc with a load of halved marshmallows, Maltesers, Buttons etc all scattered over the top. And. Putting a whole bar of chocolate in a bowl and putting it in the microwave, heating it up till its metled, and the eating the whole lot with a spoon...Yummmmmmmmmmm <3

J January or July? probably July...don't get me wrong, I love winter but I always associate Janurary with the end of Christmas and the holidays which isn't that nice of course ;) whereas July is in the middle of the summer and this is the month when I would usually go on holidays! ;)

K Kids? I don't the moment I haven't reallt given that that much thought...deoending on how things go it might not even be possible for me to ever have kids, what with the osteoporosis and the fact I have never had a period.

L Life is not complete without...? friends and family, animals, fun, laughter.

M Memory you cherish? I have a few. The holiday after Matt finished his luekemia treatment will always be very special. We went to was the holiday of a LIFETIME. But I have some very happy childhood memories of holidays here in Ireland too...Sligo and West Cork were wonderful. And also my last school tour with my primary school friends. I'll never forget that. <3 There are so many others too...Paris in Transition Year, the summer after the Leaving Cert, going to Spain to meet my penfriend.

N Number of brothers and sisters? I have an older sister and a younger brother :)

O Oranges or apples? Definitely apples...I like oranges but apples are one of my favourite just can't beat a lovely crisp apple :) granny Smith an Pink Ladies are my favourite :)

P Pet peeves? People who sit in the library with their earphones in but they have the music on so loud that everyone can hear it :( Also, rude people, people who stare at you, people who kick you seat on the plane/in the cinema :(

Q Quote? Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is poart of life. Getting back up is living.

R Reasons to smile? I have the most caring, loving family anyone could wish for. Being ill has made me realise who my true friends are too, and those true friends really are a reason for me to smile <3 My lovely catty Felix and the two best doggies in the world, Benny and Maisy :) .  The fact that trhough my blog I have come to know some lovely, amazing individuals who have become very special friends to me. <3 Hot choc and being able to bake and be proud of what I made. ;) etc.

S Season of choice? Oh gosh this is so sooooo hard...I love all the seasons I couldn't possibly choose between them!! Sorry :p

T tea or coffee? I would have to say coffe because I don't like tea at all; I'm not mad on coffee either, but I don't mind mochas and cappuchinos.

U Unknown fact about me? Haha let me think :p here's one anyway...i am really superstitious. I believe in ghosts, I would never enter a ringfort because I'd be afraid the fairies would come out after me, I dont ever walk under ladders and I always get nervous when I see one single magpie! ;)

V Vegetable? Hmm..I eo love my veggies..but my favourites would have to be sweetcorn, carrots and peas!! ;)

W Worst habit? Probably picking my nails, and cutting food up too small (still working on this one!! :( ),

X X-ray or ultra-sound? I don't even know what an ultra-sound is, haha. And I've never had one anyway so I couldn't really say.

Y Your favourite trip? Disneyland Paris, California, Mallorca.

Z Zodiac Sign? Aries!


  1. It was nice to read some facts about YOU!! :) Get to know the person behind the blog :)
    Also, i always thought you were someone who would love tea!! haha, almost all irish people do (Myself included!) :)

    1. <3 aww thanks so much Izzy! :) Haha, I know! Every single person in my family loves tea apart from myself - I have tried it so many times with and without sugar but still I don't like it at all!! I always have hot choc instead ;) xxxxx

  2. Hey Emmy!! This was great :) loved it so much your beautiful writing and I get to know you a little bett too!!
    Stay string, I hope your recovery is going well!!
    Lots of love
    Livvy xoxox

    1. Awww thanks so much hun! <3 These are so fun to do and a brilliant way of passing the time! Thank you hun <3 lots of love from cold wet Ireland! ;) xxxxx