At first glance it might seem that I am just a happy, normal girl who loves to bake and walk her dog. However, I have suffered with an eating disorder since I was 13. It was only in May 2014 when I realised that this Voice in my head was slowly but surely trying to kill me. And so began the long, hard, and painful journey which is recovery...

I want My Cocoa Stained Apron to be a special place...a place for reflection, memories, shared stories...and of course a little bit of cocoa-staining ;) Recovery might be the hardest thing you ever choose to do in this life. But it is also the bravest and best decision you will ever make.:)

Monday, 20 April 2015

ANOTHER Blog Challenge!!! ;) Your favourite.....??? ;) A to Z!! ;)

Hey hey hey what's going on here....I haven't done a BLOG CHALLENGE for ages!!!! Anyway here is another pretty stupid one which I made up myself haha...but hey it was fun to make (and do!!) all the same!!! ;)

Oh and one more thing - Im really sorry about that weird looking post that was on here yesterday!! It was an unedited post which I was using to store baking pictures and I guess I must have pressed the publish button by mistake :( sorry about that!!! :(

Favourite...? A-Z ;)

Animal? I have always loved ducks, ever since I was a baby...and Ducky, my old cuddly toy duck who is as old as I am, is one of my most treasured possessions. I also love rabbits and over the oast few years I have had three beautiful rabbits in total, who I loved fiercely. Their names were Poppy, Smudge and Snuffles. And dolphins are also among my favourites, as are horses. I think they are just so beautiful <3

Book? aaaahhh this is so so hard...there are so many which I have read, and loved. Though if I really had to choose, my favourites would probably be: The Baker's Boy by J.V Jones, The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory, and The Champion by Elizabeth Chadwick :) I love fantasy and historical fiction!!!

City? I haven't been to many cities as of yet (though I fully intend to in the future of course ;), though I think out of all of the cities I have isited so far, my favourites would have to be York in North England, Canterbury, near where I used to live down in Kent (both of these being historical towns and very beautiful, with lots of magnificent architecture); and San Diego in california was also very nice.

Destnation for a holiday? Mallorca probably ;) though I do think California and Orlando are also high contenders, because of their weather and Disneyland, of course ;) and also I have to say,West Cork will always have a very special plae in my heart and I will cherish the memories of my holiday there forever.

Era of history? Medieval of course!! ;)I don't really know why but I have just always been fascinated by this historical period from which we derived our concepts of knights in shining armour, princesses stuck in rotting old towers and grumpy old kings who sat on thrones all day and ordered around their downtrodden peasant subjects. But I also find Anceint Egypt really interesting too.

Fruit? Definitely bananas and apples!!! ;)

Ghost story/legend/fairytale? In ireland we have a lovely legend alled Oisín in dtír na nÓg. You might have heard of it, but basically it's a story of a hero falling in love with a beautiful lady on a white horse who is a princess of a land where noone ever gets old. He goes back to her country with her and they are married. He eventually returns to Ireland on the white horse to see his family, but years have passed while he has been in the Land of the Youth and all of his family are dead. oisín then sees men trying to move rocks and, despite his wife's warning not to dismount from the horse, he approaches the men and tried to help them, but he falls off the horse and instantly is transformed into an old man. I know it's a terrily sad story but the whole idea of the beautiful Tír na nÓg, the magical horse, the heroic Oisin and the beautiful just has all the elements!!

Hobby? Hmm....baking, cooking, walking Benny <3, knitting, writing, travelling, cycling, dancing, reading, hiking...the list goes on!!! ;)

Item of clothing? Of what I have?? umm so hard. But I do love my little black dress with the white ducks on it. I got it in New Look for fifteen euro in a sale a few years ago, and I love it so much. I wear it everywhere! I think it is quientessential of my own personal little style ;)

Journey? I do love the road journey down to my grandparent's house from Holyhead. We have to drive along the beautiful Welsh coastline and it is absolutely gorgeous, all mountains and beaches and cliffs.

Kind of way to spend your free days/holidays? If it was a free day at home, it wpuld have to be walking Benny with my family, doing a wee bit of cooking and baking, spending a bit of time outside in the garden, soing a wee bit of blogging in the morning. If Im on holiday it all reall depends on where I am and what the weathers doing.

Language? I do love Irish, even though I am useless and have forgotten alot of what I one knew so well. I love the sound of italian , and would love to be able to speak it. And I really like Spanish too and am hoping to get to grips with the basics of that this year!!!

Movie? Ahhhh!!! Ok. Frozen, Stardust, Fly Away Home, The Lion King. (i hate them sort of questions as you probably have just guessed. ;)

Name for a baby girl/bboy? I have so many names which I love!!! I do love some of the Irish names in particular: I really like Gráinne for instance (it means love in Irish <3 ). I know some might laugh but I really like flower names like Lily and Poppy and Lavender, haha. To be honest there are tonnes of names I like and I would bore you if I listed them all. My favourite boys name would be Connor. Dont ask me why ;) I have no idea, haha!!

Object in your possession? Ducky <3, my laptop, my little chain with "live the life you love" on it,

Place on earth? Home <3 , Sligo, West Cork, Kent (the White Cliffs espeially <3), Mallorca.

Queer/unique habit of yours? being able to make people smile even when I didn't think I did anything that funny. :p

Room in your house? probably my conservatory. I adore the conservatory as it is so lovely and warm to sit in when the sun is on it, and you have a gorgeous view of the back garden. It has big glass windows that overlook it all, and I often go and sit by those windows and watch the house sparrows hopping around in the bush nearby <3

Subject at school? It was probably either home economics, biology or geography, or history!!

Time of year? Too hard to pick...I love them all for different reasons :p

Unproductive activity you like to do? :p I know this is a stupid question, I hope you get what I mean by it. Mine for example would probably be : staring out of the window on a bus, car or train, just looking at everything and anything that passes you by, going on Facebook in the evenings ( a habit I need to start decreasing somewhat, though :/ ), and doing those online Disney quizzes. Unproductive, ut fun. and ha, ha. I guess doing blog challenges could come in here as well.

Variety of dog? Oh I love all dog breeds...but I have a big weakness for dalmatians, huskies, red setters...and springer spanials, of course... ;)

Way to relax? Hmm, it would depend on the weather and time of day. In the evenings I like nothing more then to sit on the sofa with my cat and drink hot choc and watch a movie or read or blog!! If it's a nice sunny day though, sitting in the sun witha good book is always very pleasurable indeed.

Xmas activity? (as in, something done only at Christmas time. ) probably either putting up the Christmas tree,, sitting around the roaring log fire with my family on Christmas evening, opening the prezzies (or wrapping them before hand!! ;) and Christmas baking!!! I also love getting, wrapping and giving Xmas prezzies to all my loved ones.

Yummy treat? ;) Awww you know don't you?? ;) (clue: it is warm, chocolatey, and is drunk by me about three times a day!! ;) Im going to bed Im too tired to think of a z question, haha. Please please PLEASE do feel free to join in!! Comment/link your blog below!! <3


  1. Haha I love it Em :D and how did I guess the favourite beverage? ;) I hope you're doing okay hun :)

    - R

    1. Heeheehee I think I know who this is! ;) Thanks huni you too!! Thank you so much for reading my blog! <3 xxx

  2. Haha I usually do hun :) I've read through most of it actually. You're an inspiration hun :) keep it up! Xxx

  3. Hahaaaa hunniiiii <3 I love this one ;) it is written sosooooo lovely again ;) you are just such a cute and funny person :) Nearly everything is so typically YOU and this is so amaaaazing *_*

    1. <3 aww hun I am soooo glad you liked it huni heehee I love doing these blog challenges ;) ooh do please join in hun I love reading your own ones as well they are guaranteed to make me smile!! <3 xxx

    2. Hahaaa oh yes i know what you mean ;) I also think they are so much fun to do ;) just being a little bit creativee right? =) OH hunniiii you are so talented :) I really loooooooooved reading all of your favorite things from A-Z ;) soooo funny hun ;) Love u so much xxx